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העגלה שלך = הסל שלהם!
Welcome to Israel food basket!
Here you can create a customized food package to give needy families.
Every basket that you fill

Fills another family’s hunger and heart

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Option 1


a prepared basket

Send one of the pre-chosen food baskets

Browse through our pre-made food baskets, each thoughtfully curated to accommodate the various needs of a standard family

Option 2


your own basket

Choose your own tailor-made basket and have it delivered to their door

Scroll through the items by category, like you would do on any online shopping site, and start filling their cart with your own personal touch

Prepared Food Baskets
Send a needy family one of these pre-chosen food basket
Dry Goods
Fruit & Vegetables
Paper Goods
Cleaning & Hygiene
Frozen Items
Baby Products
Seasonable Products
All Products
Shabbat and holiday products
Add products for the Shabbat and holiday basket